What Is A Josper And Why You Need One

Where innovation meets tradition. Experience quality and efficiency with Josper’s charcoal oven. Josper’s products have established a reputation for high-quality grilling in the world of charcoal gastronomy. With over 50 years in the industry, the brand has maintained its excellence and recognition for high-quality grilling.

Skillfully crafted to meet the demands of professional chefs and the hospitality sector. Josper comes highly recommended in world-renowned Steakhouses, Brasseries, Tapas Bars, and Traditional restaurants. Josper is a constantly growing force, taking their dynamism worldwide.

This multifaceted, high-functioning machine serves as a prize possession in many kitchens of professional chefs. From all sides of the world, the Josper has created a sense of nostalgia and traditions. Taking restaurants and chefs from average to Michelin Star approved. Investing in a Josper sets you apart from other restaurants and people.

Unique features of Josper

Cutting-edge features and technology are what make this product sought after. With various components that are unique and specifically incorporated into one machine.

  • It works 100% with charcoal
  • A unique closed barbecue design
  • Different levels of Grilling
  • Flexible and robust, easy to use
  • Front opening door system
  • Vent system for temperature control


What makes it stand out

  • Comprised of efficient materials the charcoal oven reduces cooking time significantly.
  • Simultaneous functionality when cooking.
  • The Josper uses unique cooking techniques by pulling the grills out in an oven-like style. whereas conventional grills stand with an open top.
  • The closed barbecue setup lets food soak up aromas and flavors in the air while achieving a perfect sear.
  • Lower charcoal consumption.
  • Greatly reduces flames, preventing food from drying out and burning.

How the Josper works

It stands as a vertical grill powered by charcoal. The direct flame allows for that chargrilled, caramelized effect. This creates the unique flavor of products cooked in the Josper. The most common use is grilling.

The Josper’s ingenuity comes into play with its multi-layer bar grills. The specific design and materials used for the oven allow it to operate with both radiant and convection energy. Meaning the direct contact with the grill and even heat distribution throughout. This once again reiterates the uniqueness of this grill as no other grill allows for this dual functionality.

The charcoal oven functions optimally around 300°C-350°C. Aside from the element of charing, food can get burnt quite quickly. The Jospers char is an acquired taste that if used correctly can be very versatile.

Manufactured with 3 main sections, this enables the Josper to perform various functions.

The traditional method – Perfect for restaurants serving ala cart menus and set meals. All types of food can be cooked either directly on the grill or using Josper cookware.

Sous-vide – is the combining of various cooking techniques. The multifaceted charcoal oven allows reach groups in Catering and Haute Cuisine.

Garnishes – this interesting section involves doing a mise en place job. Here the Josper shows the fundamental qualities of the grill. The Josper can be used for products made using traditional methods.


What you can cook with it

The way the charcoal oven operates in itself is the standing factor that leaves it with no competitors. What takes a normal chef various steps and methods to achieve a specific look or taste, happens all at once with the Josper. With traditional cooking methods, chefs first grill and then oven bake to get the round-up of flavor and cook something through. This happens simultaneously with the Josper.

The Josper can do many cooking tasks like warming, reheating, roasting, and toasting different types of food.

Charcoal consumption

One of the Josper’s unique features is it that strictly runs on charcoal. Various ranges can average a 20 kg bag of coal for an 8-hour running time at 300°C-350°C. All ranges ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings in the long run.

It performs as a multifaceted kitchen appliance. It runs efficiently


More of Josper’s Products

Functionality and features are not, Josper has a range of Cookware, Charcoal, and Accessories too.


Josper cookware improves the food post-preparation. With the high thermal conductivity of the materials, there is fast and uniform heat distribution. A range created to enhance your experience.

Wood Charcoal

Josper ensures long-lasting, high calorific value for the charcoal. Is economical and reduces cooking time significantly. With practical packaging, it makes opening, handling, and storing easier and cleaner.

Choose from a selection of 3 types:

CE – A mixture of tropical hardwoods. No spark and is very aromatic. Size [30mm approx.]

COCO – Coconut Shell wood. No spark. No smell or taste. Size [30mm approx. Briquette]

CAE – Holm Oak wood. Special aroma with a bit of spark. Size [ 80 – 160mm approx.]


To improve performance, Josper created original accessories to help. Visit the Josper website to view the complete range.


How to select your Josper

There 4 model selections and various combinations. When choosing which Josper is best, consider the following:

The correct size to fit the space adequately. Size is also dependent on the amount of people it will be catering to. Lastly, the model, when selecting which model to go with, considers the functions the Josper will perform. The models range from small catering numbers to large events and haute cuisine.

With the Josper being as multifaceted as it is, means value for money. Knowing about and experiencing a Josper comes as a whole.

Josper Exhibitions

All year round, Josper holds exhibitions at trade shows all around the world. From Chicago to Milan, Barcelona to Singapore, Dubai to Moscow, and Lyon to Milan.


Book a Demo

Experience the greatness firsthand. For better quality living and efficiency. The machine is complex in skill and an investment worthwhile. Visit The Culinary Equipment company’s onsite showroom to view more demo models.

The Culinary Table restaurant is in the same building as the showroom. You can see a working Josper grill in a live and fully operational open kitchen. Come and visit us to view just how impressive this machine is.