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Josper Preferred namibian Charcoal

Josper Charcoal

Learn more about the differences between household and our restaurant grade charcoal. Here we highlight not only the main differences but the benefits that using our Josper charcoal could make to the quality and safety of the food leaving your kitchen.


Your bog standard household charcoal is made up of smaller sized pieces with a lower density. The lower the density means the weaker the burn, and this leads to inconsistent performance and lower burn temperatures.

Restaurant grade lumpwood contains larger pieces of charcoal with higher carbon densities. As mentioned before, this gives you longer lasting heat, higher cook temperatures and and more consistent performance overall. This type of charcoal is perfect to use for larger groups over longer periods of time – hence why it was adopted by restaurants.

Internal composition

The majority of household BBQ charcoal includes some combination of chemical additives. This makes the charcoal easier to light. Yes this is convenient, but convenience can come at a cost. You see the chemicals penetrate your food affecting flavour (and potentially your health) for the worse. The best restaurant grade lumpwood charcoals are usually 100% natural with no hidden chemicals or accelerants. The natural approach allows the natural flavours of your food to shine.

Moisture levels

On the surface all charcoal looks bone dry. But this isn’t actually the case. While most of the water is removed during the charcoal production process, varying amounts of internal moisture remain. Now, with traditional household charcoal, the internal moisture levels tend to be a little higher. This can produce more smoke and sparks during cooking, as well as some spitting when you light up your stack. Restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal has minimal internal moisture which essentially negates all the issues outlined above.

Flavor infusion

Thanks to the the larger pieces found in restaurant grade lumpwood, you can enjoy a better, natural wood smoked flavour infusion. Again this is due to increased carbon density and the simple fact that there is more charcoal material to burn. Another flavoursome fact about restaurant grade lumpwood is that it is often created with specific hardwoods possessing a specific flavour profile – think applewood or cherrywood. These flavours add a distinct secondary layer of flavour to your BBQ food. You simply won’t get this with traditional standard charcoal.

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